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Jeff "Bacon" Crandall was a key figure in making my recent project, an Adirondack style camp, a success. A great woodsman, Jeff took me out in the forest in the winter to select and cut various timber shapes and bents of Atlantic White Cedar which I wanted for the project.

Jeff is a very capable, hands on artist and craftsman with a marvelous eye for design and detail. He is able to not only work closely with architectural drawings but also to create original and complimentary work on his own if requested to do so. People like Jeff are hard to find if you have a very special project which requires not only competency but heart and soul as well.

Christopher Woerner , Architect, AIA

New Haven CT

Over the last five years, Jeff Crandall at Adirondack Craftsman has built a number of custom furniture pieces for me.  In addition, he has also done a series of twigwork doors, mirrors and picture frames.  Jeff combines a wonderful "woodsy" artistry with superb furniture building skills.  His work is flawless, intricate and unusual, often with a delightful sense of whimsy.  Everywhere I look in our camp, I see his talent.  His pieces blend perfectly with the Adirondack feel of our house while maintaining a singular and unique artistry. Equally important to me is the fact that Jeff is the nicest and gentlest of men.  His goal has always been, on all our projects, to give me exactly what I want.  Further, his prices are more than reasonable.  His work compares favorably with some of the finest artistry in the Adirondacks at a fraction of the cost.

Jeff Crandall and his work has my highest endorsement and recommendation.

Lawson Allen : Essex, NY 


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