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The beauty, solitude and grandeur of the Adirondacks has inspired artists and craftsmen for over a hundred years. The "Great Adirondack Camps," built at the end of the 19th century, displayed intricate designs and furnishings crafted from nature. The camps were adorned and decorated with a "woodsy" motif, designs and furnishings inspired by the beauty of the abundant forests, mountains and lakes in the area. Indigenous craftsman of the day used native materials, trees, branches, twigs, pine cones, deer and moose antlers etc. to create what has today become known as the "Adirondack" style. 

Jeff Crandall, a lifelong resident of the Adirondacks, has spent his life living in and loving the natural beauty all around him. He has long admired the works of art created by those Adirondack Craftsmen who have gone before him. Inspired by the values of his heritage, Jeff's skilled woodwork and artistry reflect his position as one of today's pre-eminent Adirondack Craftsmen.


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